As a leader in helping companies create and optimize commerce applications in the SAP ecosystem, the Payteros team is always keeping ahead of the latest developments, as well as those that are just coming over the horizon. Here is our latest News Update on happenings in the SAP space.

The Biggest Tech Talent Gap is In The SAP Ecosystem

According to Forbes, “as you think about moving to S/4 if you have not already, the ability for you to plan that migration may hit some turbulence related to skill gaps.”

  • 4 out of 10 SAP professionals say they have not received enough SAP training to perform their job duties.
  • As SAP’s 2027 deadline for migrating to S/4HANA approaches, clients have major decisions to make.
  • With SAP emphasizing Public Cloud, the migration has added issues if you need customization.

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AI Laggards Beware: The Time For Business Transformation Is Now

According to SAP, “the digital landscape of the 2020s will belong to firms that have moved beyond pilot projects to become AI-native enterprises.”

  • Companies that fail to change may swiftly find themselves unable to compete as the speed of AI innovation accelerates.
  • Without enterprise-wide process redesign, AI can only optimize the status quo.
  • The future belongs to those who take action now.

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Predictions for SAP Growth and Changes in 2024

According to David Lowson, SAP Business Development Leaser, “growth will continue in the SAP market… many of the largest companies started S4 journeys in 2023 and large scale deployment of S4 in much more labor intensive than the road mapping.”

  • At the start of 2023 over 30 percent of large companies had not started their S4 journey but now it lower than 15 percent
  • There will be more use of BTP and PAAS to deliver innovation and a clean core.
  • Multi-vendor and vendor changes will be the new norm for S4 delivery.

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