The Payteros team recently assisted Sellmark, a major brand in the outdoor industry, with making a successful transition to SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud. The comprehensive project included addressing payments reconciliation, audit processes, exception management, and dealing with integration complexity. One of the key focus areas was leveraging Payteros’ deep expertise in SAP Digital Payments Add-On (DPAO) to align payment processes in the private cloud environment and enhance operational efficiency.

According to Chris Kerschen, Sellmark Director of Finance, “Sellmark’s journey with Payteros has been nothing short of transformative. We’ve witnessed a remarkable turnaround in our operational efficiency, thanks to their meticulous blueprinting sessions, tailored process improvements and strategic approach. We not only recovered significant financial losses but also saved valuable time and resources, enabling us to focus on delivering exceptional service to our customers.”

The implementation of Payteros’ solutions yielded significant results for Sellmark, including:

  • Financial Recovery: Recovered close to $2 million in failed payments.
  • Resource Savings: Saved 1,000 resource hours annually on reconciliation and payment processes.
  • Audit and Reconciliation Efficiency: Established robust audit procedures and streamlined reconciliation with banks.
  • Cost Reduction: Automated processes resulted in reduced costs associated with DPAO processing.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Optimizations in payment processing through platforms like Stripe have resulted in notable enhancements in customer satisfaction metrics.
  • Reduction in Customer Complaints: Decreased the frequency of payment-related customer complaints, reducing the need for manual CSR intervention.
  • Efficient Resource Utilization: Process improvements enabled more efficient use of resources.
  • IT Standards Compliance: Enhanced process documentation helped the client adhere to IT standards.

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