In today’s global market it is no longer enough to just accept credit cards.

Card Penetration varies drastically across different regions, with 300% in North America, 50% in EMEA, and 10% in APAC. While traditional payments methods such as credit & debit cards are still the dominant payment preference at 34% global eCommerce, 66% of payments are originating via an Alternative Payment Method (APM).
The breakdown of APMs by global share is as follows:

  • Digital wallets (48%)
  • Bank transfer (7%)
  • Buy now, pay later (3%)
  • Cash on delivery (3%)
  • Direct Debit, Crypto, PrePay & PostPay (each at 1%)

This means APMs have become a key strategy to reaching consumers and driving revenue. But to thoroughly understand consumer preferences and really provide a customized checkout experience, you need to take into consideration these key factors:

  • Ticket Size
  • Business Model
  • Geography
  • Demographic
  • Financial Infrastructure

Now that APMs are part of your corporate strategy how do you manage potentially 100’s of APMS integrations globally? The team at Payteros has developed a digital plugin for SAP that allows for native reconciliation and reporting. Our plugin is easily configured and deployed to support virtually in APM and our implementation processes leverage best practices based on thousands of projects.

Watch this short video to learn more about APM Implementation and Optimization.

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